Value Added and What iT means to Dry Point Distillers.

Distilling has its roots in this country as farmers worked to add value to the fruits of their labor and to preserve their crops from spoiling. Distilled spirits were easier to ship and were immune to decay.  They also added much needed financial value to the farmer for their product.  The same should be true today.

Organic and local agriculture in the Mesilla Valley, as elsewhere, struggles to survive in today’s industrial era where big business rules.  There is an all too limited market for the small, organic grower (let alone for the home grower) as we turn to large corporate farms to provide for our sustenance. As distillers, what we have found in our region is a rich diversity of fruits which are overlooked and often in states of decline and neglect due to diminished markets.  For example, apple orchards have a rich history in the southwest but could not compete with industrial growers in the northwest and exist today as small remnant farms.  Similarly, pomegranates abound and thrive locally but rot on the bush due to lack of a market.    

Our aim at Dry POint Distillers is to add value to these remnant crops from our past and in so doing provide our customers with rich, robust and refined flavors.  

As a sign of our commitment to adding value to our community we commit to donating a portion of of our profits to community organizations that strive to leave the world a better place.