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As of Sept. 4th we will start our new cocktail hours!

Wednesday-Thursday 5pm to 11pm

Friday-Saturday: 5PM – Midnight

Our bar is located on the north end of Mesilla – on Calle de Alvarez across Avenida de Mesilla from D.h. Lescombes winery and Bistro (formerly St. Clair’s):

1680 Calle de Alvarez
Suite C2
Las Cruces, NM 88005


Built from the ground up in the Mesilla Valley, our spirit runs start small and stay small to ensure a hand selected quality. Bringing New Mexican products into our blends gives Dry point Spirits a unique and clean flavor that you can enjoy straight, on ice, or in a craft cocktail.


From the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert, Dry Point Distillers honors the arid peaks bordering our lush river valley, bringing you classic flavors with a local twist in our fine handcrafted spirits and cocktails.



Our distillery makes top-notch spirits in tiny batches, creating the best distinctive spirits in a tightly controlled fashion. We are craft distillers with an extreme commitment to quality which is manifest in different ways.  We employ painstaking techniques rooted in time-honored traditions.  We don’t compromise our vision in the name of efficiency or shortcuts.  Our artisanal process, mostly automated by larger companies in the name of efficiency, is achieved by hand.  We embrace a farm-to-bottle ethic supporting our community and sustainability for using local ingredients whenever we can.